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Isa Shahmarli

The first guest of our blog is Isa Shahmarli. He is 20. He works in the Marketing sphere and is the chairman of LGBT organization. He admitted to his family and friends several years ago that he is homosexual. Though he faced a lot of pressures because of it, he continues to struggle. He says that, this courage didn’t appear suddenly. When his groupmates learned about it they beat Isa in front of the University. His teachers humiliated him.

“My struggle wasn’t just to complain. Next days I was putting on different accessories, I was walking through the corridors of the University wearing my earrings. The people around me were swearing and insulting. But later most of them were ashamed of their action. Then I had a new environment. It wasn’t so difficult. Most of the girls wish about gay friend. (he is laughing).”

His family doesn’t want to accept that Isa is homosexual. Is also admits that it is difficult for his family to change mind. “ Though psychologists explained everything to my family ,they still accept it as illness.” Isa says that, the pressure from the family leads most LGBT (lesbian, gay,bisexual, transsexual) to suicide.

“Hating homosexuals is homophoby. Though homofoby is considered as ilness by the World Health Organization, there are also homophobic homosexuals. They can’t accept themsleves, and this is another reason of suicide.

“It is difficult for LGBT s to find a job. Especially, transsexuals are insulted and impounded during business meetings.Homossexuals can only find a job if they hide it.90 percent of homosexuals hide in Azerbaijan. Even some of them get married.,” Isa saying that it is difficult to change attitude of society but it is possible. “If the society had information about LGBT they wouldn’t hate so much” The way of solution is enlightenment.”

İsa speaks about the things what LGBT wants to do. Brochures are being prepared in order to introduce the organization. A special documentary film is being shot together with psychologists. “ We organize conferences regularly, but very few people come. The people who take part are our members, but we want homosexuals and devouts to come too.”

LGBTwants to get govenrmental registration as organization since 2011 but, we couldn’t achieve it yet.“ State bodies don’t pressure our organization. They don’t take us seriously. They think we will not be long term organization. My biggest aim is to register the organization,” İsa says.

We are discussing LGBT organizations in Turkey with our inrerviewer. İsa says that , as LGBTs began to admit, the society couldn’t press them. But our LGBTs are not brave yet. “ LGBTs in Turkey already work with parents. But we are still trying to gather brave LGBT s around us. They don’t want to admit, and struggle for the organization. We organize film day, they come but when they go out they hide in order no to be seen . I was invited to work from the organization in Turkey but I refused. I chose to stay here and to struggle for the rights of LGBTs .”

At the end Isa shares his hopes with us” I wish our society not to be biased. Before hating , read “what is homosexualism?” in the Internet. they are free to hate after it. I want LGBTs to be brave,. I was hesitating beforehand, but now I have my own job. I live separately from my family in my own house. I can do everyhting myself. If you want yo can achieve.”

Forobserve team