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stock-footage-baku-azerbaijan-may-people-are-strolling-through-a-busy-shopping-street-in-bakuAs of October 1 2013, Azerbaijan’s population size increased by 86,000 people or by 0.9 per cent since early 2013 and hit 9,442,500 people, the State Statistics Committee told Trend on Friday.

According to the committee, about 53.1 per cent of the population lives in cities while 46.9 per cent lives in the country’s regions.

According to the report, some 49.7 per cent of the population fell to males and 50.3 per cent to females.

According to the committee, the average age of the Azerbaijani population is 32.6 years, while the average life expectancy is 73.9 years. The average life expectancy for males in the country is 71.3 years while for females it is 76.6 years.

During the first nine months of 2013, about 40,900 deaths were registered in Azerbaijan. According to the State Committee, the death rate in Azerbaijan is 5.9 per 1,000 people as it was in 2012.

Source: Today.az