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teleportQuantum teleportation is a term used to define the process of transmission of quantum information from one place to another. The transmission is based on classical communication and it shouldn’t be mistaken with teleportation that we usually see in science fiction movies. Actually, despite its rather interesting name, quantum teleportation should be regarded as a type of communication and not transportation.
Scientists have been working hard to make quantum teleportation possible and back in 1998 they achieved initial positive results. Then, in August 2004 they used optical fiber to transport information to 600 meters.

However, the longest distance claimed to be covered by quantum teleportation is 89 miles. This happened in May 2012 when photons were transmitted between two Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. This achievement is extremely important because the distance is in accordance with the minimal distance between orbiting satellites and the ground.

Source: factswt.com