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Photo by Ilkin Hasani

The National Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources reports that the weather is going to be changeable cloudy and rainless in the main in Baku and Absheron peninsula on October 9.  The speed of the gentle north-western wind will be 5-10 m/sec in the morning, while the weak south-eastern wind will show 9-14m/sec velocity in the noon and 7-12 m/sec in the evening. The temperature will be +12-15C in the morning, 12-15C in the afternoon and 12-14C in the evening.

Weather is expected to be chiefly rainless in most of the Azerbaijani regions. Nevertheless, some eastern regions will have mist, as Lankaran-Astara region will face rain. Noon and evening are going to be variable nebulous, mostly dry. The speed of the eastern wind will be 3-8m/sec in the morning, while 5-10 m/sec in the afternoon and evening. The temperature will be  +12-16C in the morning, 16-20C in the noon and 13-15C, in the evening.

Weather will relent beginning from the Absheron peninsula on October 8 and be relatively mild till October 10, which is suitable for meteosensitive people.

Source: Today.az